Personal Training

We provide bespoke personal training programmes to maximise progress. At Precision, you will benefit from dedicated one-to-one or small group sessions, allowing you to focus on one thing – your results.


Our Training Sessions

Across the world, millions of people waste their time on workout programs they will never stick to, or programs that weren’t designed to get them to the goal they want to achieve.

At Precision, we tailor your exercise to you completely, this ensures you will progress towards your goal as quickly and as safely as possible. We also make sure you enjoy the range of exercises we provide for you. There’s nothing worse than a boring, repetitive workout, so we make sure no two sessions are the same.

Our range of equipment is vast for a studio our size and we can cater for beginners right up to high level athletes. Our coaches are all well trained and will challenge you with a number of different training techniques and systems to help maximise your fitness and keep you on your toes.

We fully track and monitor your progress throughout the sessions, and will try and push you that little bit further each time. Within a short period of time you will be amazed at the progress you can make.

1-to-1 training. From beginner level to elite athlete. Challenging training systems to maximise your fitness. Closely-monitored nutrition and expert motivation.



A good nutrition plan should be made completely geared towards one thing. You. We don’t promote nutritional dogma; we believe in taking a flexible approach to our clients nutrition. We know that creating a plan together that you enjoy and can stick to will help us get the best long term results.

We don’t follow fad diets or endorse pills and potions purely because they give us a good profit margin. We believe in using researched, scientific approaches and will only ever endorse supplements that are safe, effective and most of all relevant to our clients.


Getting fit and healthy doesn’t stop when you leave the gym. Whether you are giving up smoking, de-stressing, getting better sleep or keeping consistent with your exercise regime, we are dedicated to helping you achieve life long healthy habits.

When we’re dealing with change there are a number of levels we have to work through. Most people have the knowledge of how to become fitter, or lose weight, or build some muscle. However, in order to become what you want to be, this new way of living or this new person you want to be must form at least part of your new identity, which is where most people fall down. We will aid that transition to the new you.


Before we begin our journey together it is important for us to understand what exactly you want to achieve and why, so in our initial consultation there will be some fairly deep questions and some reflection. This will be important during times when you are struggling.

Those times when you hit a plateau – that’s when you need someone that doesn’t just give you a fitness plan and says “get on with it”. You need someone with experience at guiding people past these hiccups and getting you back on track. Motivation is fleeting. like a spark used to ignite a fire. We are here to help keep fueling that fire, through consistency.